Monday, September 06, 2010

Little Black Dress inspired by Barbie

Ha, ha was sah ich denn da als ich so den KuDamm entlang schlenderte? Peek & Cloppenburg präsentiert das "kleine Schwarze" und keine andere als Barbie herself stand da als Inspiration Model. Unsere älteste Freundin aus Kindertagen ist wieder da und wer schon immer eine Barbie sein wollte, sollte jetzt ganz flink zu P&C :)

* * * * *

Ha, ha what did I see while I was walking down the KuDamm in Berlin? Peek & Cloppenburg present the little black dress and nobody else as Barbie herself was the inspiration. Our friend from earliest childhood is back in the hood and who ever wanted to feel or be like Barbie should go to P&C and buy a LBD :)


  1. Uii, ich finde das auch total witzig :)

  2. I am back from Berlin! your post really helped me to know wיere to shop and I have been everywhere you told me to go, it was just great and fun shopping experience! berlin is an amazing city with great shops and night life, but one thing I didn't like was the food.

    soon I will post all the pictures I took and you could see them (: